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Tulips tell the story of spring

24 Feb

Each year my tulips tell me when spring is here.

Hopefully they’re not wrong this year – because my first tulip has bloomed and, despite all of the sunny weather, the calendar still says February. (Last year the first tulip bloomed on March 18.)

Like the tulips, I’m feeling optimistic. I planted a bunch of¬†spinach,¬†sweet peas, and carrots in hopes of getting early crops.

Here’s to early spring, let’s hope that we don’t get a sneak attack.

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Throwback Thursday (Is that Really Me?)

19 Feb

0dI dug through some old photos and found this photo of when I was a kid – lots to love at this age. My clothes were a little big, but I didn’t let that bother me. OK, just kidding, this is a picture of Lola trying on my clothes when she was 5 or 6… It’s amazing to look back and see what she and Tansy looked like only a few short years ago. Happy half birthday to Lola – she’s 9 1/2 today

Spring in February?

13 Feb

The trees are budding, the crocuses are blooming, and the birds are fluttering – and it’s not even mid-February. I don’t know what’s happening here in Seattle, but it sure isn’t the deep freeze that has descended on the East Coast. My biggest fear is that everything will bud out and then we’ll get a big freeze. Either way, though, it’s time to plant some greens and peas – can’t hurt to get an early start on them. I guess it’s time to put my shorts on and go outside!

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